Sunday, 12 May 2013

World Saving

After a series of hurried conversations with President Obama, we managed to barely fail to save the world with our audio magic.

Luckily the victim was an immortal and so by definition cannot die.

We will be performing a smaller ritual, with hopefully better results on Monday the 13th at Namba Mele.

Join us, we need your power.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Big news from our underground pneumatic tubes - a long running project comes to a head. More news soon as our whispers filter through your pillows.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

November the 13th

Tuesday, November the 13th. A day that will live in infamy.

Come and see us play. Some laughs, some tears. New songs.

「Shake It Baby」

OPEN 18:30 START 19:00
AD ¥1500 DOOR ¥1800 共にd別

The Monkey Business Extra Light/後藤明

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Letters brought from underground runners finally filtered into our rusting pneumatic pipes. They tell tales of strange chambers in this city where sounds are captured, to be released periodically in new and different ways. Stories and myths recited in these tunnels are later recounted by the breeze, by the iron of the buildings and by the leaves of ancient trees. Intromission is inevitable.

Grainy footage has recently emerged of several reclusive cold blooded cryptoids. Pray they do not appear next during your nightly earthling slumber period.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Recent infiltrations into the pillars of society have been greatly successful, but unfortunately there is a chance that authorities are onto us. Totally Zaprudered.

Study the footage but keep calm - if this is all their tall men have on us there will be no resistance to speak of...

Next Live show is August the 21st at Namba Mele

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


The web is drawing closer, the pieces are all falling into place.

Soon, we will have a clear picture of the conspiracy, in all its murky brilliance. Then we will mysteriously disappear, as everyone who stumbled into this forbidden knowledge before us has done.

But until then, let's drown out the black helicopters with some rag-punk classics. And if we can proselytise to the pinks at the same time, well, all the better. When we die, well THEY won't be able to wipe the grin off our bleached skulls.

Come see us play:

Thermidor's Next Shows:

18/6 6月18日
Namba Mele
Open 18:30
Start 19:00
The Drop Bears, THE HOT TIMES, UpperSixx, one man life

1/7 7月1日
Club Water